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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

As I sit here at the close of my day, I recall what my day was like 12 years ago. A beautiful Tuesday morning, I worked the early shift (7am-11am) at the assisted living facility I waitressed at. About 2 hours into my shift, my manager comes up to me & frantically tells me a plane hit the World Trade Center. I calmly walked out into the lobby to see if there was anything on the news about it and all I saw was black and then a burning building. I figured a plane lost control and crashed. I went back into the dining room and continued working. Then we hear over the kitchen radio that another plane hit the other tower. Now we know this is no coincidence. I thought immediately of my Uncle who works around the corner from WTC & my best friend who went to school near there and prayed they were safe. I finished out my shift and got in the car with my Mom to go home. She asked if I heard what happened. I told her I heard 2 planes crashed into the WTC. She stopped me and said "No, they fell. They're gone." I told her she must've been mistaken-those towers couldn't fall. We pulled up to our house & I ran in & flipped on CNN. The first image I saw was a falling tower. That image is seared in my brain. I fell onto my couch with my face in my hands, frozen except for the tears streaming down my face. Then, another falling tower. My first thought was that this was just a repeat showing of the same tower until they showed a bigger picture. I was completely horrified. How the hell could this be happening???!!! I wondered. I then found out that 2 other planes had also suffered as part of this unholy attack. I prayed for the souls of those whose lives were lost, for those still missing & for their families.
I have a tattoo that says " Never Surrender" reminding me, like that day always will, that no matter what happens in this world, don't ever let anything destroy your strength! I know I will Never Forget...